Have a good trip

Of utmost importance for an unforgettable voyage: The safety of all persons on board of our ship

As a sailing passenger ship on Dutch inland waters, the Poseidon belongs to the professional shipping industry and is subject to strict inspection regulations. This means:

  • All components of the ship are inspected by notified bodies at specified intervals.

  • The vessel is in possession of all necessary licenses and insurances

  • The crew has all the necessary licenses.

Regular control takes place

We maintain the ship according to the applicable standards (and our own)

  • Hull

  • Masts (made of steel)

  • Rigging (everything connected with the masts)

  • Life saving equipment (life rings, life rafts, life jackets)

  • Fire extinguishing agents

  • Fire alarm system

  • Gas installation

  • Technical equipment

In addition to the information in the rooms below deck and a general introduction, we as crew are always happy to answer further questions

Just like in an airplane, we take time before departure to explain everything to our guests for a safe and pleasant stay on board, during the trip and in port.

It is important for us that all passengers are well informed and can enjoy the trip relaxed.