Sailing trips for everyone

With your own group of adventurers or fellow sailors of an individual cruise

Group travel rates 2024

More than 32 people? Call us! In cooperation with other skippers, we are looking for suitable vessels.
All prices include crew, bed linen, tourist tax, harbor fees and final cleaning.


Day trip

From €43,60per person
  • Monday to Friday
  • Total from: € 2180,00
  • Weekend extra charge: €520,00


From €50,84per person per day
  • Friday 20:00 to Sunday 17:00
  • Total: € 4880,00
  • Extra day or sleep over: see below

Short week

From €39,94per person per day
  • 5 days aboard
  • Sunday or Monday
  • Total: € 6390,00


From €43,30per person per day
  • Saturday 10:00 to Friday 15:00
  • or: Monday 10:00 to Sunday 15:00
  • Total: € 9700,00


Extra day before or after your sailing trip: 1490 EUR
Extra night before or after your sailing trip: 580 EUR

Sailing tours for groups or individuals

Experience the sailing adventure with nice and like-minded people

Company trip

Casual and relaxed

Family and friends

Spent quality time together

School classes and youth groups

Sailing is a team sport

Sail along

Come aboard!

Spend the night in the great outdoors

Lie at anchor and falling dry – Experience life on the water


Spend a night out?

Something different than lying in the harbor and often a nice closing after dry falling. We stay a night out and anchor on the water!

It is a special feeling to be out at night alone with the ship and lie at anchor. There is an unusual silence and no light pollution as it does not exist on the Wadden Sea.

The only light shines from the lighthouse and a few light buoys. Under a cloudless sky a wonderful starry sky shows up.

From our comfortable sitting area on deck, you can enjoy a unique sunset and the early birds get to see the sunrise on the water.

Pulling in the anchor? We have an electric anchor winch on board for that….

Falling dry

That’s exactly why we have a flat bottom!

The most beautiful way to experience the mud flats is to dry out. This means that we steer the ship with draining water on a beautiful sandbank until we touch the bottom with our bottom and get stuck.

Our flat ship bottom ensures that we lie nice and straight on our spot. In the meantime, the water runs out with low tide and we can climb the ladder onto the sandbank and take a close look at the seabed. But first the swimming lovers among us can refresh themselves in the salty sea water.

The Wadden Sea lives from the changing water level due to the tides. These are caused by the gravitational pull of the moon and also (even if a lot smaller) of the sun. As the water runs out – the ebb tide – the water from our mudflats flows towards the North Sea for about 6 hours and the water on our sandbank sinks to low water level. This is the turning point of the tide. After that, the tidal current causes the water to rise again for about 6 hours until it reaches the high water level. This cycle is repeated twice a day.

Before we can walk over the tidal flats with dry feet we have to wait. This is a good time for the skipper to explain more about the water movements and the ship and to make clear to everyone what to watch out for. With the help of our measuring stick you can see the water sinking from minute to minute. And for the doubters among the swimmers we also measure the water temperature – the salt water is wonderful and below deck the warm shower is waiting.

Discover for yourself the life on a sandbank. Let your eyes wander over the seemingly endless expanse and take a nice walk. In and on the bottom live crabs, mussels, lugworms, starfish and much more. We have tools for digging and spading and books about the flora and fauna of the Wadden Sea can be found in the salon. With a little luck we collect our own delicacies from the mudflats, a bucket of mussels or cockles.

For the young and old

Enjoyment for kids and adults

Sailing with kids

We live together with three kids aboard for years!

With our family of five, we have lived and sailed on board for many years. We know very well what it means to be on a ship with small children.

Already at welcome we take extra time to discuss together with parents and children how to create a pleasant and safe environment for the little ones on board.

We have life jackets on board for all age groups (please report age when booking).

On request we have ladders for the upper beds and raised side panels for the little passengers.

Plenty or little wind, the Poseidon is a stable ship and always gives a safe feeling.

In our sitting area on deck there are enough seats to watch the action from a safe distance in all weather conditions.

Also the little helpers are welcome to work on deck, of course depending on the weather conditions and always accompanied by the crew.

In case of bad weather, it’s nice and warm below deck and there is enough room to paint and play in the salon.

Crabbing in the harbor is very popular and our deck is excellent for drawing with chalk: luckily we have scrubbers on board…

We plan each trip depending on the wishes of our guests and wind and tide.

A long or short sailing day, more or less time on an island – we discuss it.

Especially the little ones often need more freedom of movement on land. We know what is fun in the harbor.